Naturally Good

Charlton Houses’ Naturally Good concept emphasises to the customer the natural goodness of food and gives the opportunity to learn about good provenance and healthy eating.

This concept gives facilities a natural, more rustic feel, encouraging healthy choices. Fresh ingredients are used for display purposes to demonstrate the types of ingredients used and our commitment to cooking and serving the freshest ingredients. It recognises that food is emotive, and that it should be both comforting and inspiring. It provides a contemporary take on a market stall, making our customers feel welcome, showing them that we prepare their food from great ingredients that we are proud of and that we care about their custom.

When it comes to Healthy Eating, Charlton House advocates promotion of healthy options. We believe in offering diners a range of delicious yet healthy options as well as more indulgent fare. Whether a healthy eat or an indulgent treat, all food is prepared with care using the freshest local ingredients and healthiest cooking methods. We also proactively make healthy choices ourselves, in terms of the food and products we procure. We always opt for the healthier option where available, for example, low-salt baked beans, which are served as standard on our menus, or our healthier, more eco-friendly tuna.

Our commitment to healthy eating is demonstrated through our ‘Wellbeing, Being Well’ concept, which epitomises our commitment to fresh, natural ingredients and unfettered, delicious flavours. 

Find out more by visiting our dedicated WellbeingbeingWell website.