Chester Boyd – Introducing Red Chester 1067

To inaugurate Chester Boyds 30th year celebrations we have developed a brand new cheese, only available at our Livery venues.

“Red Chester 1067” is a raw milk farmhouse cheese, the result of a collaboration between artisanal Welsh cheese makers and a Surrey based cheese company which was at the forefront of the revival of specialist British cheese making. It is named in honour of three institutions: the Red represents the Red Dragon of the Corporation of London and the fact that the cheese is washed in red wine, 1067 is the year the Corporation was first founded, and Chester recognises that Chester Boyd will exclusively serve this cheese to mark the start its 30th anniversary celebrations.

Chester Boyd Executive Chef Karen Poynter explained that using a reduction of the wine helps it take to the cheese, and imparts its deep red colour. The finish is silky and semi-soft and of course, very delicious!