Charlton House - WellbeingBeingWell Light

WellbeingBeingWell Light is a development of our Wellbeing initiative. This concept was inspired by the Government’s responsibility deal to improve public health. As a result Charlton House has introduced a range of calorie counted salads and sandwiches under our Wellbeing, Being Well Light label.

Our consultant nutritionist Amanda Ursell, has worked closely with our chefs to ensure that each Light option is as nutritionally balanced and as healthy as possible. All Wellbeing Light meals are clearly promoted with stickers so that customers know their lunch is a healthy one.

Amanda said “It is quite a complex process and one of our main concerns has been to ensure that the food tastes great too. There is no point in having a calorie counted option which looks and tastes like rabbit food.” “We have been very aware that the range has to equal the high standards customers expect from their workplace restaurant. Dressings, fillings, breads and protein items have really come under scrutiny. It has been fantastic working so closely with the Charlton House chefs to achieve the right balance.”